CDCE - Clina Capillary Tubes

CDCE is working with Clina GmBH to introduce capillary tube heating and cooling to UK domestic, commercial and public sector buildings. The system allows space and carbon saving at a competitive price. 


Capillary tube technology takes a completely new approach and follows nature’s example. Water-carrying capillary tube mats are installed directly below the surface of floors, walls and ceilings, allowing smooth temperature control. The transfer of energy between users and the activated surfaces is achieved predominantly using radiation – matching the natural conditions for regulation of the heat balance of all living organisms. This is why people in rooms cooled or heated with Clina capillary tube systems feel demonstrably more comfortable, increasing productivity while reducing energy costs and carbon emissions.


Plastic capillary tube mats are used mainly in radiation systems like cooling & heating ceilings in property construction, convective cooling shafts and cooler columns, as flooring and wall systems for heating and cooling in living houses(primarily single-family homes) as well as ground collectors in conjunction with heat pumps.

The Clina capillary tube system is the solution of choice everywhere where the issue is about providing the user with an optimal, i.e. agreeable, room climate that is beneficial to health. Architectonic issues (space requirement, flexibility, non-visible technology) as well as cost issues also frequently play a decisive role. 

The thermodynamic properties are unique and allow Clina capillary tube mats to make a significant contribution to the reduction of operating costs whilst reducing the burden on the environment at the same time. Until now, these benefits have been leveraged for large commercial office and bank buildings in particular. Clina capillary tube mats have been used successfully for many years in both new buildings as well as for renovation and modernisation projects. 


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CDCE Ltd... an engineering consultancy based in the South West of London.

We specialise in the provision of building services engineering, with a particular focus on the following areas:

  • Combined Heat and Power (CHP)
  • Energy optimisation
  • Low carbon developments
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Cost-effective solutions

We have over thirty years experience delivering energy solutions to a variety of clients.

CDCE Hydro Consortium

CDCE has convened a consortium of professionals from engineering, environmental and financial backgrounds to investigate opportunities for developing small-scale hydroelectric projects in the UK And beyond. 



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Current Projects

We are currently working on a variety of projects in both the public and private sectors. The following projects are a selection of our favourites in 2008.

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Combined Heat and Power

Combined heat and power (CHP) is an innovative solution to modern energy needs. It improves the efficiency of generating electricity, can be used at various scales from household to neighbourhood, and reduces emissions of carbon dioxide.

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